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Torello -15th September 2019

Torello sits below Ravello, overlooking the entire Amalfi Coast. From Villa Rufolo in Ravello you will find a panoramic path that leads to the village, with spectacular views and bougainvillea clinging everywhere to the walls. Along the way you’ll find the Church of St Annunziata, built in 1281 by the noble Fusco family. The church was originally decorated with many marble statues, but during the XVII century, the family moved many icons and statues outside Ravello. The church has been used for meetings and events since the 1980s.

Torello is a district of Ravello, a look out post that helped defend both Ravello and Amalfi from raids and attacks. The town is famous for its festival every September that pays homage to the Madonna Addolorata, where the statue is carried around town in a torch-light procession. But the highlight of the festival remembers Torello’s part as a defensive point and relives an incident when Pisa, a great maritime power at the time, sacked Amalfi and moved up the hill toward Ravello. Torello rallied the troops and beat them back. (They later returned and after intensive fighting to defend herself, Pisa breached the ranks and took Ravello. They had to pay tribute to Pisa for years after to keep the peace.) The festival, held every third Sunday of September, recalls these incidents. The houses are outlined in lights which change color with the historical re-enactments, and culminates with a spectacular fireworks show raining down on Torello, called “the fires of Torello”. It is a sight to behold!

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